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Liability Products

Third Party Liability

Covers Legal Liability of the Insured for Bodily Injury/ Property Damage which is caused by occurrence arising from ownership maintenance/ operation/ use of the aircraft.

Passenger Legal Liability

Indemnifies the Insured in respect of all sums which the Insured shall legally become liable to pay for death or bodily injury arising out of the contract of the carriage of any passenger whilst the passenger is in the care, custody and control of the Insured.

Baggage Legal Liability

Covers loss or damage to Passenger’s baggage (checked & retained).

Premises Legal Liability

Covers the Bodily injury/ property damage in or around the premises as a direct result of services granted. It also covers such liability elsewhere in the course of any work connected with business caused by fault/ negligence of the assured or by defects in the work, machinery plant etc.

Hangar keepers Liability

Covers loss or damage to Third Party aircraft or ancillary equipment, whilst in the care, custody or control of the Insured who will probably be in a business such as refurbishment, painting or maintenance or for the purpose of repairs, service or being stored.

Aircraft Product Liability

This Insurance is designed for manufacturers and dealers of aircraft and for fixed based operators who repair and maintain aircraft.

Airport Owners and Operators’ Liability

Airport Operators or Fixed base Operators need airport liability Coverage and hangar keepers legal liability which covers most of the insured’s incidental operations of an airport. Policy covers liability arising out of faulty lifts, escalators, damage to aircraft / cars parked out of negligence of insured’s staff, etc. If the Airport Owner Owns and rents planes for individual pilots or student Pilots, an aircraft hull and liability policy also is needed.

Aviation Personal Accident

Covers any bodily injury caused by accidental violent external and visible means whilst entering into alighting from or being as Pilot member of the crew or passenger in any licensed standard type of aircraft anywhere in the world.

  • Policy is designed for both Crew.
  • Cover for Crew can be for flying risks only.
  • Loss of License - In the event of Pilot suffering bodily injury or illness or classified illness and such bodily injury or illness or classified illness be the sole and direct cause of cancellation/ withdrawal/ suspension of License and/ or Certificate to serve as a pilot.
  • Covers loss of license due to medical incapacitation.
  • Cover ceases when insured ceases to be gainfully employed / dies / attains the age of 55 years.
  • Exclusions: intentional acts of self injury, criminal acts, insanity, venereal diseases or cardiovascular malfunctioning.