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Hull All Risk Insurance

Accidental Physical Loss or Damage sustained by the Insured Aircraft when Aircraft is on ground, in flight, taxiing or is moored or in Hangar including total loss subject to Standard Policy terms, conditions and Exclusions

Hull War Risk Insurance

This is a Specific Peril policy. Loss or Damage to Aircraft caused by War Invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, strike, civil commotions, malicious act or damage , terrorism. Extortion and Hijacking can be covered. It is valid in conjunction with Hull All Risks Policy. It is governed by all terms and conditions of Hull All Risks Policy.

Spares All Risk Insurance

Loss or damage to Engines Spares, tools, equipment and supplies owned by Insured or property of others for which Insured is responsible, whilst on ground or in transit by air, sea or land transport including on board the insured’s own aircraft or whilst on premises of others for storage only subject to Standard Policy terms, conditions and Exclusions.

Hull Deductible Insurance

Cover to buy-back the deductible given by the Insurer and keep a bare minimum deductible amount.

Excess War Liability (AVN 52E)

Covers Legal Liability due to the perils excluded by AVN 48B except liability arising due to Nuclear detonation.